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Branding (Part Two): Electric Brandaloo

Part One A few nights ago, I couldn’t sleep and I posted about baby spiders hatching out of my ass-cheek.  (Update for those who care: it’s still there, but considerably reduced in size and painfulness.)  It occurred to me the … Continue reading

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Almost… done…

Sitting here half-watching What Not To Wear (oh, free-trial cable, you feed my inner sloth!  Didn’t you read the “Do not feed the dancer” signs?) and continuing to muck around with the site.  I’ve been working on it for nearly … Continue reading

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Welcome to Scarlett’s Letters

I’m Scarlett Sparks – a fire-breathin’, scissors-wieldin’, tea-drinkin’, cussin’, fightin’ stagewoman – and this is the blog area of my official website.  I try to comport myself like a lady most of the time, but sometimes one just has to … Continue reading

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More Nocturne tidbits

I spent most of my free time today messing around with blog templates and CSS, so I still can’t say too much about my whirlwind weekend, but enjoy this video clip of one of my shows: …

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Aaaargh! Web design is the devil!

I’ve been using some downtime to tinker with my blog and webpage designs, and I’m SO FRUSTRATED WITH FEEDBURNER! I managed to embed a feed of this blog in my main site’s html so that the front page will always … Continue reading

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