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Let’s play the Kevin Bacon game!

[UPDATE: Though I cannot for the life of me figure out why - I mean, it didn't even have tags until I added them just now! - this post was generating a lot of (hilariously irrelevant) spam commentary - like, … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes at Sunday Shoot-Out

More video madness!  Here’s a fun little behind-the-scenes montage of a recent photo shoot with Scott Richey and Jesse Harley.  Avert your eyes if you want to maintain the illusion that I am not, in fact, a complete dork. Musical … Continue reading

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Wanna see something funny?

I was looking through videos to put together a new performance reel, and I stumbled across this. Behold, my very first attempt at fire-breathing! It’s kind of like looking at an old yearbook photo. Ah, how far I’ve come… I’m … Continue reading

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Origins of an Ecdysiast

The burlesque community has been all aflutter these days as we approach the release of the movie Burlesque, starring Kristen Bell, Cher and Christina Aguilera; there’s been a lot of doomsaying about how the movie could harm the community and … Continue reading

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Almost… done…

Sitting here half-watching What Not To Wear (oh, free-trial cable, you feed my inner sloth!  Didn’t you read the “Do not feed the dancer” signs?) and continuing to muck around with the site.  I’ve been working on it for nearly … Continue reading

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