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You are already naked.

First, read this.  And be sure to watch the video, if you haven’t already seen it.  I’ll wait here. Steve Jobs undeniably changed the landscape in which we move through our lives.  Yes, I’m typing this on a Mac – … Continue reading

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I keep forgetting…

…how physically demanding a fire-eating act can be. You know, aside from the burning. And the poisoning. But man, my quads are screaming after tonight’s show.  Must really remember to stretch just as much as I would for a dance … Continue reading

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True or Falsies

A few weeks ago I burnt off my right eyelashes while eating fire for a short web film (I just found out I’ll have production stills to share soon!) – it was the first, and hopefully the last, time that … Continue reading

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Hidden consequences

A friend recently sent me this article about the hidden consequences of birth control, and requested my thoughts on the subject.  Though it’s not related to performance, I feel strongly about making informed choices about our bodies, health and sexualities, … Continue reading

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The Turn of the Year

Happy 2011, folks! But before I get down to the looking back and looking ahead, I believe I owe the Internet some photos of my holiday craftiness: Looking back: I’ve heard it said that how you ring in the New … Continue reading

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I’m So Excited (and I just can’t hide it)!

I can’t share any details yet, but a fellow burly-q babe and I had a big brainstorm last night about a special project we want to put together. It’s going to be awesome, so keep your eyes peeled for more … Continue reading

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Pippin, fearsome hunter

So, I hate to be That Crazy Internet Cat Lady, but… I have to tell you about my cats*.   Because they gave me a lot to talk about yesterday. [*Technically the boyfriend’s cats, but we’ve more or less adopted each … Continue reading

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Branding (Part Two): Electric Brandaloo

Part One A few nights ago, I couldn’t sleep and I posted about baby spiders hatching out of my ass-cheek.  (Update for those who care: it’s still there, but considerably reduced in size and painfulness.)  It occurred to me the … Continue reading

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Origins of an Ecdysiast

The burlesque community has been all aflutter these days as we approach the release of the movie Burlesque, starring Kristen Bell, Cher and Christina Aguilera; there’s been a lot of doomsaying about how the movie could harm the community and … Continue reading

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Things that are seemingly unrelated…

I had a (fantastic!) photo/video shoot tonight with Scott Richey and filmmaker Jesse Harley.  On the way to the shoot I decided I really needed a large tea from Tim Horton’s, forgetting that I had already had one of those … Continue reading

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