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October Events

Hey gang, just a quick update to let you know where you can see me doin’ my thing this month: THIS SATURDAY, October 15 (I know, short notice – I just got confirmation myself!) I’ll be joining Atlantic Cirque with … Continue reading

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I keep forgetting…

…how physically demanding a fire-eating act can be. You know, aside from the burning. And the poisoning. But man, my quads are screaming after tonight’s show.  Must really remember to stretch just as much as I would for a dance … Continue reading

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Let’s play the Kevin Bacon game!

[UPDATE: Though I cannot for the life of me figure out why - I mean, it didn't even have tags until I added them just now! - this post was generating a lot of (hilariously irrelevant) spam commentary - like, … Continue reading

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Wanna see something funny?

I was looking through videos to put together a new performance reel, and I stumbled across this. Behold, my very first attempt at fire-breathing! It’s kind of like looking at an old yearbook photo. Ah, how far I’ve come… I’m … Continue reading

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True or Falsies

A few weeks ago I burnt off my right eyelashes while eating fire for a short web film (I just found out I’ll have production stills to share soon!) – it was the first, and hopefully the last, time that … Continue reading

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The Turn of the Year

Happy 2011, folks! But before I get down to the looking back and looking ahead, I believe I owe the Internet some photos of my holiday craftiness: Looking back: I’ve heard it said that how you ring in the New … Continue reading

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Costumes and Character

The other night as I was drifting off to sleep, I started thinking about Kate Mior. No, not that way… No, she’s a busker – a world-class busker, in fact – and I started thinking about how hard it must … Continue reading

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Titz N Glitz Costume Gala

Well, I never did get around to telling you about my crazy weekend packed with shows. Looks like someone beat me to it! Check out this great blog post by my friend and colleague, Caitlan Anthony of Atlantic Cirque, who … Continue reading

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More Nocturne tidbits

I spent most of my free time today messing around with blog templates and CSS, so I still can’t say too much about my whirlwind weekend, but enjoy this video clip of one of my shows: …

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Scarlett Sparks at Nocturne

Nocturne is a free citywide art event in Halifax. I performed with Serpentine Circus at “Redemption of the Dark Side” a circus-themed performance installation at Alderney Landing. More details and photos to follow tomorrow, when I’m not so wiped out!

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