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Can’t believe I missed Roxi!

Reigning Queen of Burlesque, Miss Exotic World 2010 Roxi Dlite was in town for the Everything To Do With Sex Show this weekend. By all accounts “The Drinkin’, Smokin’, Strippin’ Machine” is a mind-melting live performer, and a total sweetheart … Continue reading

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The Turn of the Year

Happy 2011, folks! But before I get down to the looking back and looking ahead, I believe I owe the Internet some photos of my holiday craftiness: Looking back: I’ve heard it said that how you ring in the New … Continue reading

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I’m So Excited (and I just can’t hide it)!

I can’t share any details yet, but a fellow burly-q babe and I had a big brainstorm last night about a special project we want to put together. It’s going to be awesome, so keep your eyes peeled for more … Continue reading

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One Classy Dame

While in public transit purgatory today I ran across this wonderful interview with modern burlesque superstar Immodesty Blaize. I was impressed with the thoughtfulness and eloquence of her answers; she seems like a classy, intelligent and beautiful role model for … Continue reading

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Origins of an Ecdysiast

The burlesque community has been all aflutter these days as we approach the release of the movie Burlesque, starring Kristen Bell, Cher and Christina Aguilera; there’s been a lot of doomsaying about how the movie could harm the community and … Continue reading

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Costumes and Character

The other night as I was drifting off to sleep, I started thinking about Kate Mior. No, not that way… No, she’s a busker – a world-class busker, in fact – and I started thinking about how hard it must … Continue reading

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Almost… done…

Sitting here half-watching What Not To Wear (oh, free-trial cable, you feed my inner sloth!  Didn’t you read the “Do not feed the dancer” signs?) and continuing to muck around with the site.  I’ve been working on it for nearly … Continue reading

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