Let’s play the Kevin Bacon game!

[UPDATE: Though I cannot for the life of me figure out why - I mean, it didn't even have tags until I added them just now! - this post was generating a lot of (hilariously irrelevant) spam commentary - like, A LOT; easily ten times as much as any other post - so I have closed the comments. If you'd like to contribute something to this "very informative article" (?!), feel free to email me or send me a tweet.]

By my calculations, this episode of Offset puts me one degree of separation from Charlie’s Angels. That practically makes me, Cameron, Drew and Lucy BFFs, right? Can anyone do the math on Nathan Fillion for me?

(Scarlett Sparks segment begins at 8:25)

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One Response to Let’s play the Kevin Bacon game!

  1. lucy says:

    I figured it out!

    1. You know me
    2. I know Jordan
    3. Jordan has worked with Michelle Trachtenberg, and Nicholas Brendan. (side note: I worked on these movies, too, but never got to actually meet any of them. Jordan, on the otherhand, was basically Nicholas Brendan’s – aka Xander – BFF for the duration of the show)
    4. Both those actors worked with Nathan Fillion on the final season of Buffy.

    Less than 6 degrees!!