Things that are seemingly unrelated…

  1. I had a (fantastic!) photo/video shoot tonight with Scott Richey and filmmaker Jesse Harley.  On the way to the shoot I decided I really needed a large tea from Tim Horton’s, forgetting that I had already had one of those today, plus my usual morning pot of Mango Black, and that it’s not generally a great idea for me to have that much caffeine after dark.  Hence: 3AM post.
  2. A month or so ago, I was assaulted in my own living room by a spider the size of my freaking fist (and I have chubby hands).  This may not sound so impressive to those in more southerly climes, but up here we don’t get too many house spiders larger than, say, thumbprint-size, so this thing was basically Shelob.  Like, really: it was big enough to get on carnival rides.
  3. I have a huge abscess on the back of my left leg, right in the crease where “thigh” makes the acquaintance of “ass-cheek”, so that both stretching and contracting the underlying muscle – not to mention sitting on it – is hideously uncomfortable.  It’s possible that it’s just a pimple or an ingrown hair with an inflated opinion of itself, but I can’t help thinking it’s a bite of some kind…

So: I can’t sleep because I have a small subcutaneous Death Star sending shock waves up and down my left side every time I move; the ill-advised caffeine has made me jittery and paranoid; and all I can do is obsessively check to ensure that the oozing, crawly sensation I feel is all in my head, and the throbbing welt is not actually hatching thousands of tiny spiders that will infest my home and leave me a dried-up, Twilight-Zoned husk.

4. Oh, and in case you missed the tweet, I got a new computer.

That one actually is unrelated.

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4 Responses to Things that are seemingly unrelated…

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  2. UberWench says:

    You should get that checked out by a doctor! We were just talking about doctors today. DO EET!!!!

    • Scarlett Sparks says:

      I probably should get it checked out, since it’s hanging around (and this other weird skin thing I’ve got going on elsewhere), but I’m afraid of waiting two hours at the clinic, like we talked about, only to hear the doctor say, “Uh… that’s a pimple. You’re an idiot. And this other thing that you think is acute systemic flesh-eating scleroderma canceraids? Yeah, that’s dry skin.”

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